Smile in your heart

I went so  late yesterday that I missed the 6. 57 am train. So, I waited for the next train. I was sory I did not take a book to read. While waiting for the train my thought wandered widly. I saw many people waiting and I started to judge them by appearance. Some seemed to come with a smile, their pace was firm, their faces showed the spirit of the day and their eyes looked fresh.  And some, including me, came with their mouth pouted, striding along the pavement slowly with  a little hunched back. “Arrrgh.” I thought to myself and immediately changed my position. I tried to smize (smile with your eyes) and to show that my heart was also smiling.  “It is indeed fasting month but act as usual.” I talked to myself. “Start the day with a smile and everything will be light.”

And it worked. I did not get angry when a woman was very upset to me and commented something because I took the front seat wit her in a public transportation.  I ignored the driver’s harsh words upon a pregnant woman who paid little fare and I gave him extra fare in return to the pregnant lady’s little fare. And I did not get mad when the driver of the public transportation that took me home drove very very very slowly.


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