Tofu and Soybean Cake Curry

Before I forget I record again one of my mom’s simple recipe here. I always remember the smell of her cooking but when I make myself something is still missing. There is always something missing and I do not know what it is. So, today I cooked tofu and soybean cake curry which was our breakfast in my childhood. I tried to produce the same smell of the food that my mom used to make.

Something sounds funny, in my opinion, is the Indonesian name. It is “Oblok-oblok Tempe Tahu.” It is like curry but it is not but I call it curry because of the yellowish soup of the food and some ingredients are for it.  The main fillings are tofu and soybean cake, not fish, meat or vegetables. Here are the ingredients.

1 A slice of ginger and  tumeric

2 A pinch of corriander and white pepper

3 Bayleaf, lemongrass, and galangal

4 A cut of the tip of red chilli

5 Salt and palm sugar

6 Two glasses of coconut milk

7 Tofu and soybean cake.

The smell is almost like what I used to inhale when my mom made this. ( : Unfortunately the taste ….  still,  something is missing ) :


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