A novice’s shots

I was so glad when my mom told me that there’re two-flower-would-be on my orchid. At first I was desperate that it would not flower after two years  I took it and planted it into my mango tree. I was certain that it would bloom soon because it was from a very good breed. My mom even tried to grow it at home and it did not take a long time to bloom. But mine …. 😦  I suspected that it would not give flowers because it was planted on a mango tree I planted in the front yard five years ago. The tree that has not even been fruitful up to now. Not even a mango, did flowers not appear.

However, the orchid now begins to bloom.

They’re so plain, so ordinary, but warming.

A hope for another hope.

I posted four out of seven which were taken from different angles. However an effort it was as the wind blew it here and there, the fours are my best ones.


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