Karedok for Breakfast? Why not?

My late father-in-law used to say to us that we had to have breakfast to fuel our energy through the day. We could not agree more. So, I manage to always prepare breakfast for my family. However, this morning my hubby skipped breakfast as he needed to leave early. So, only the two of us: Kanza and me.

I peeked at my table then the fridge. I was so lazy having breakfast alone. Then, an idea crossed my mind. Why not Karedok? It immediately aroused my appetite. 

For some people, having Karedok for breakfast is unusual. Not because they do not want to have it, I think, but because it takes some times to prepare. So, they tend to have a cup of coffee or tea, toast, rice and egg or fried rice – those which they can grab without much effort.

In restaurants Karedok is often served at lunch or dinner time. It consists of fresh veggies such as cucumber, cabbages, stringbeans, eggplant, sprouts and basil (Kemangi). They are served like salad. The difference is only in the sauce. For the sauce you need fried peanut, kaemperia galanga (kencur), shrimp paste, salt to taste, chili, garlic and brown sugar. 

I have all for the sauce but not the veggies. There are only cucumber and cabbage. It does not matter at all, though. Enough for my delicious, juicy breakfast. 



2 thoughts on “Karedok for Breakfast? Why not?

  1. Good idea for “iftar”. I actually love the strong smell of “kencur” (thanks to you, I know it’s called kaemperia galanga :-d)

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