When I and my son are playing, one of activities that I always try to do is introducing him to books. I attract his attention by shouting some titles of the books that he has been familiar with and his favorite ones are The Adventure of Spog on Planet Earth and Zebra’s New House. The newer one is Deni menggosok gigi. We usually play with books for about five to seven minutes because my son does not like me to read the whole story. He likes flipping the pages while listening to my narration. Sometimes he will stop to a halt when he finds something interesting but in a minute he will go on flipping the pages.

This morning I took out a big book from my bag, a book written by H.C. Andersen. I opened one page which displayed a picture and started telling the story. Less than a minute, he shouted “close the book, close the book (tutup, tutup)!” I immediately closed it. He was just interested in the title on the front page and mentioned some of the letters. Then, that was it. He did not want to continue.

All right Kanza, let’s read it when you like it then.



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