Fun and simple things to do with my son that cost only love.

I never care of messiness when my son is playing. Our house is his playing ground as well as his learning site. I let him do what ever he wants as long as it does not harm him.  His house, his parents, his surrounding are his immediate and first teachers and we will provide everything for his development. Here are things we usually do.


Taking pen and markers are his first likes and floor is his favorite media. If he feels enough scratching he will take out the markers and writing utensils out of the can and clutter them.

When he does that I usually ask him to make any shapes out of the writing utensil like circles, triangles, squares,  or row them, He likes it very much even though after making a shape he enjoyed breaking it.  Besides writing utensils, we also used candies, stones, any thing to make shapes of star, moon, flower, hand, foot, head, balloon, lizard. And we laugh together. As you see in the picture, there is a broken triangle.

My husband likes creating something out of used things. Simple but it triggers imagination. Here is a mini helicopter made of a used lunch cardboard box, and the front side was from a plastic mouse packing. They made it together. Kanza watched attentively to his daddy’s cutting and stapling.


Other thing we like doing is watching videos from thesupersimplesongs. We downloaded a lot of videos that introduce alphabets, numbers, colors, and many others. We sing, count, move, and dance together. There was one that was my son’s favorite and it was Bingo. A full color, eye-and-ear catching video that attracted Kanza’s attention. Now, he is two years old and I change the lyrics into others like ‘there is a boy from Jakarta and Kanza is his name …. and so on and so forth. He enjoys it very much. Now, he is able to spell his name, bunda, and ayah.

Nothing exciting except playing and doing things with my son. It takes our energy and time but it is never boring, frustrating, or even spoiling our times because we put our heart into it. With love we live it.


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