A trip to Kebun Raya Bogor

We went to Kebun Raya Bogor (KRB) yesterday. For me, it was not a planned one since my hubby suddenly gave the idea of going there. Well, maybe he had planned it but he just did not want to mention it until the D-day. I needed to push him a little bit and … off we went.

Instead of taking our car, we went there by train. First, we think that it was not wise to go anywhere on Saturday by car as traffic would often delay our vacation. Besides, it was already 10 am and it would be late for us. I thought we would spend most of the time on the way there so there would be little time left to enjoy. Secondly, my son is being crazy about train. For now, almost every thing in the house is turned into a train and taking him to his favorite ride would be very exciting. Finally, the best part was that it was the most accessible and the cheapest vacation we had had.

From Cakung to Bogor it took only Rp. 5000 each and about 30 minutes if there was no waiting time. Kanza was not counted because he was still two. Then, we stopped at Manggarai and took the train to Bogor. FYI, for those who want to go to Bogor, check the availability of the route because the train that goes to Bogor does not always available in every station. You need to stop some where and find the train that goes with our destination. Thanks God that PT Kereta Api keeps improving the service. It was not like a few years ago when you had to wait for 30 minutes or even more to wait for a train. Now, it is different. Yesterday, we did not have to wait for long.

At 11. 50 we arrived at the last station: BOGOR. To Kebun Raya Bogor my hubby told me that we could either walk which took about 20 minutes or took a public transportation. I decided to take the second as my son did not want to get down from my arm and we still had to go for a long walk later on.

We took angkot 30 and arrived at gate 4.  We paid 14.000 rupiah each, but not Kanza. We really thanked God that the weather was on our side. It was very light drizzle but it did not ruin our day. My son played with his daddy happily, kicking and throwing a ball on a beautiful and vast lawn. Then, we walked into the garden which was like a forest for me. A lot of big trees, kinds of trees, thick and thin, old and young are there. I saw that this big garden was really taken care of since I hardly found trash or food remnant. There were also many garbage holes – it was really clean. And the fresh air gave more excitement.

Time told us and we had to stop. It was sad that we could not explore the whole place. I bet a lot of things could be explored. We really had fun,  though.  I guess it was a great place to have fun, to explore, and to spend the time with our family. Someday, maybe, we will visit this great place again.

Cakung – Bogor = Rp. 5000

Bogor – KBR       = RP 2500

Tips for travelers:

– Check the train schedule

– Make sure you bring your rain coat or umbrella

– Bring enough food and drinks. Don’t forget to bring a plastic bag so you can put your trash in it before finding the nearest garbage hole.

– Wear comfortable shoes

– Bring your cameras to keep your greatest moments with your family.


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