Making a simple imaginary aquarium

Yesterday, I wanted to introduce my son to some aquatic creatures. I had read him some stories, showed him pictures, but this time I would like something different. So, I browsed and found an idea from a great blog: You can visit his blog and see many interesting ideas to make something and play it. And I made an aquarium. It was very simple since we just need crayons, used calendar, and glue. Here is the aquarium that my son loves. He can touch the ‘flying fish’ It’s funny because he keeps calling them ‘flying’ whereas I wanted to make them like swimming.

IMG_20131220_175245 IMG_20131220_175507

I did not make them all ‘flying’ as it would look crowded and the ropes would be easily strangled with one another. So, as you can see there are some kinds of fish (which I do not the names), a crab, a star fish, a squid, and a jelly fish. My son always calls the jelly fish ‘alien’  because one creature in Pocoyo movie shapes like it. However, someday he will know that it is a jelly fish or ubur-ubur in Indonesian. Let’s have fun, K! 🙂


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