Weaning without a hitch

I should have deprived my son from giving him breast milk since six months ago or when he was exactly two. But I kept giving it  as I was late preparing him to be weaned. I had, actually, but I did not try harder. So, A week day ago when I went to Solo and left my son with his nanny, he skipped one night without it.

It was a gradual weaning. I had actually stopped it from him in day time since he was six and two months. I told him that he was already more developed so he could get it only at night. Even though he could not accept it in the beginning and I still gave it in a day or two, finally he could make it. It was the same as when two months before his second anniversary I told him that I would wean him. I tried to explain and made him understand by always telling that he could have many other delicious drinks other than the breast milk. He managed to understand by saying, ‘Yes, I am grown up and no breast milk anymore.’ The funny thing was he could not sleep tightly in his nap or at night. Sometimes he mumbled something about growing up and not having breast feeding. The worse thing was he got angry easily. In consequence, at times I still breast fed him every time he wanted it until two months later. He really stopped it in day time. 

So, I really weaned him after I left to Solo. He was at home and was forced not to having it. My nanny said that he woke up in the middle of the night and he asked me. When he realized I was not around, he only asked for a glass of water and fell to sleep again. The night after, when I arrived home late I found that he had already fallen asleep, He was a little upset as I gave him a glass of water when he woke up. But, he could manage it. Until now, he stopped totally from his breast milk.

There are things that I learn from what I had experienced when weaning my son.

Find information about the best way to wean our baby or what people had gone through

Before the due time prepare for everything. In my case, I kept telling him that when he was two I would wean him. I explained to him about it, showed pictures, or told him stories.

Introduce our children to many kinds of food. Before weaning, my son had feeding difficulties. He refused to many kinds of food. It was a struggle when I feed him. He would bite it a little, threw it away or he chewed it but then expelled it. However, I kept giving it to him. I let him taste what we usually eat and hardly separate his and our meals. 

Let our love play the rest. I tried hard hot to treat him or to compare him with others. I showed him that he was big and developed already and it was time for him to have other drinks that would boost him even bigger and taller. Breast milk would be for little brothers.

Now, sometimes he asks for it but in the end he understands he cannot have it.



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