First day on the even semester

This is my first day again at Yarsi as the even semester begins this February. First day is always about introductions and orientation. It is when the students are reminded about why they are there and what goals to achieve.

This morning I was looking forward to see my students who unfortunately came late. I teach Economic class for an uncredited semester. It’s gonna be tough and challenging, I thought, as so far, many previous students did not take the class seriously. They mostly thought that as English from the second to fifth semester was uncredited they did not need to study seriously. They needed only to come to the class fulfill their requirements to achieve 40 points to pass. Just sit down, listen once a while or Ignore the teacher, spend the time chitchatting, messaging, even sleeping, are the impression I got from the previous uncredited classes.

So, It’s our part as lectures to put in their mind about the urgency of the English class even though it is not uncredited. They are informed again their goal that at the end of semester five or six their Toeic score must be 550 above.

When my students came one by one, I tried to study them. They were nice, I thought. I called their names one by one while trying to know them, introduced my self, and went on to the orientation.

I was happy that they were so attentive. They were willing to listen to me without a lot of chit chats. Maybe it was because I emphasized about how important it was for them. In the end they had to sign a statement letter that they really understood, a letter which would be a proof that they understood and accepted the condition.

I told them why this college bothered to make this kind-of-complicated regulation only for studying English. I told them that at the end of their study as they had to get 550 points for their Toeic score, the college wanted to have high quality graduates. By having 550 points it was hoped that their English was improved and they could use the certificate for applying jobs. It would be nothing if they just spent the time studying English from one to six semester without achieving anything. That was why every semester worthed, I emphasized. I promised them that they had to get something from what they would learn so I would need their cooperation and high spirit.

When the time was nearly through I knew that they were spirited and next week and on I hoped it would always be so, go well and they really get something. It took not only my part, though.


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