Being aboveboard

I was walking toward a bus shelter when I saw a man squatted. He was holding his stomach with one of his hands. His face frowned as if supressing pain and laid down on his left arm. I passed him and stopped to look for some money. Many people also passed him while looking curiously. A young woman approached him and stopped. She also managed to take out some money from her bag. Then I came to him and the young woman followed. I did no give my money instantly bcause he really lookes so much in pain. I asked him instead. He mumbled me a drink.  “Water, please.” I nstantly went to a nearest stall and bought him a glass of hot tea. When I handed him the tea, he coudn’t  even take it so I let him sip from my hand. I asked him to be careful because it was a little hot. Then the young woman bought him bread, asked him to eat it and excused herself to us while putting some money into his pocket.

Then he withdrew his wallet. I asked him whether he had his meal or not and he said that he had not had anything since morning. He lived in Kebayoran lama with his young son and had been looking for a job. He continued that he had not had anything since morning. I asked him to stay there for a while, took the sip slowly, and eat the bread. Then I asked whether he was ok if I left him. He nodded. I excused my self while saying that I couldn’t stay longer.

I walked away to catch the bus. On my way I kept thinking if the man was really sick, that he really needed help and he was not one of the beguilers who played their tricks to earn money. Some of them made themselves as if they were badly wounded by wrapping one of their extremities covered with pink blood bandage. I started to question myself whether I did the right thing.

Then, I realized that I should have let it go and thought more positively. No one there helped him. People just looked and passed him because they thought he was a beggar. What if he was really sick and I was one of the people feeling doubt, looking and passing while still feeling guilty as not doing anything. If he pretended to be sick in front of people to earn money, it was his affairs and I should have been out of it. Let Allah do the rest. What I should have done was to help.


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