Parents Love

I got on a Trans Jakarta bus and sat across an old couple. When I was standing near them I saw the old man a 2-year-old girl and the old woman. After almost all of the passengers got off and it was roomy I could see that the man was holding a baby. 

I just recalled my parents and my eyes were watery. My son was in Cimahi with them. They took him because they would like to take care of my son while I and my husband were working. I just guessed that maybe the couple in front of me did the same as my parents did. I guessed that they would like to help their daughter/son to take care of their children and bother themselves nannying them.

My eyes wet because I felt that as a daughter I could not give the most and the best of me for my parents. After thirty years of taking care of me, they still willingly and eagerly bothered themselves to take care of my son, and lightened us from even small difficulties. When I was little, they had to wake up late as I still wanted to play or my body burned. They walked or even run under the sun or the rain just to make sure that their daughter got the best education, that she did not starve or was looked down because she did not have decent dresses. 

And now they still want to be bothered by us. Me? I often do otherwise 😦 I excuse my self to visit them many times due to the tight working hours and apologize myself to afford them more. I often raise my voice when they cannot hear or misunderstand my words.  How many times have I given them hardship, heartbreaks, sorrow but love and the best prayers are always their returns. What they need only a sincere call asking how they are doing, a true attention, and sound ears to listen to their story.

Astagfirullah 😦 May they forgive me and Allah forgives me for what I did. 

May Allah always grant them happiness, virtuousness, 

O, Allah … I am truly sinful before you … May You give me time to make them happy, give me the ability, the patience and the heart to care for them, to be their closest friend, to be their shoulder in their old age. May You grant my prayer.




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