Simple, healthy, and soft donut!


Finally I can say that I make it after so many times trying and  failing. Even though it’s still far from perfect or let’s say from the one sold as DD, Jc, I am satisfied for now. At least I don’t have to go outside or bother to find donuts for my son’s snack. When he asks for it, I take him my kitchen and ask, ‘what topping would you like?’  Chocolate, strawberry, cheese, peanut, or combined? Yeay 🙂

I should say that this tiny success doesn’t belong to all of me. I should thank to people who share their recipes but I am sorry I cannot put her link here as I forget her blog. (Hope someday I find it and I’ll put the link here). I call them healthy as I do not fry but bake them. However, even if we fry them I believe they’re still healthy because we know what kind of cooking oil we use for our family.

So here are the ingredients.

250 gr all purpose flour

50 gr sugar

50 gr butter

2 egg yolks

5 gr yeast

a pinch of baking powder

a pinch of salt

100 ml cold water/fresh milk


– Beat the egg yolks in a bowl then set aside.

– Put flour, sugar, yeast, and baking powder together in a big bowl and mix.

– Make a hole and put the egg yolk then the water. Stir it gently in circle till they become dough

– Then put the salt and butter.

– Beat the dough until it does not stick in your hand.

– Cover the dough with plastic or a damp cloth and let it rise for 15 minutes

– After rising doubled size beat the dough again and start shaping it into donuts manually or by using a molding.

-Let it rise for another 15 minutes then deep fry them.

-Let them cold and put the topping as you like.

See, my son cannot wait to bite it!






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