A half day at Rimba Baca

It’s a great day even though it’s started with a misdirection due to my carelessness – the driver. I mistakenly looked at a map given by HSUD group admin so we arrived at a different address. When we noticed that we were lost, we were almost tempted to stop and just find our way home. But we couldn’t stop what we’d started because I did not want to disappoint the children. Besides, they would learn how easily we gave up. They had been waiting for going to Rimba Baca – the place that we would visit and that we had been talking along the way – but unfortunately their parents gave in easily. No giving in 🙂 So, we went circling around Jakarta for a while, which made us in total tardiness.  We arrived at the time when it was time for others to leave. We met Ms Ike, Ms Nada and Ms Yulia from HSUD group (a group of homeschooling practitioners focusing on early childhood education). Thanks God they were still there and were willing to stay a little longer. We missed an interesting discussion but we still could chat and our children could mingle ‘a bit’ with theirs (my son’s a kind of a person who cannot get in with new people easily at the first meeting so he just say ‘no’ when someone asked him for a hand shaking ). About the place itself, as we entered we were to pay for Rp. 30.000 for one child, parents are not counted :). It is sooo cozy. Colourful carpets with many shapes are on the floor, dolls and some toys are on one shelf while the books are arranged based on children’s age and are spread on the shelves against the wall. There is enough space for children not only to read but also to run about as they are only two big tables which are put in the middle. There is also one room, one separate room where children can do art using utensils and materials which have been provided. And my son? He liked it very much. As usual, when he met new persons he would see, examine, comfort himself then mingle with them. Because they had to leave so early, my son had not had enough time to comfort himself with new friends. Then, he did colouring, played an abc toy, played and laughed with Yunda. They had so much fun that when it was time to go home they asked for some time to stay. For this, we gave in. The four hours on the road was forgotten by the laugh, playing, and joking they had. We were all exhausted but we had fun and great time. The most important thing was that almost all that day smiles and laughs colored their faces. Running-running on the second floor (Doc: Bunda Niki’s pic) IMG-20141112-WA0010Kanza, Yunda, Diaz and Bunda Niki. IMG_20141112_150901 A few minutes before going home – enjoying a chocolate candy. Hmmm yummy! IMG_20141112_161109


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