Making a rainbow stew cake

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As he likes rainbow, yesterday we made a rainbow stew cake. Actually there were only three colors in it – red, chocolate and green – but it boosted his spirit when stirring the mixture.

It was fun and simple to do while introducing him to a new snack. The happiest part was that when he devoured what he made enthusiastically. He really could not wait to grab it after it was taken out from the stew.

So here’s our simple recipe to reveal 🙂


4 eggs

250 gr sugar

a pinch of vanilla powder

a half tea spoon of emulsifier

250 gr all purpose flour

A glass of coconut milk + a pinch of salt

Food coloring

The making:

Beat eggs and sugar together in a big bowl with a mixer about 15 minutes until it looks white and foamy. Put the vanilla powder and the emulsifier. Keep mixing for one minute.

Pour the coconut milk then immediately put the flour. Divide the mixture into three parts and give color.

Boil water in a stew pan and stew the first mixture for five minutes. Continue until the last and keep stewing for ten minutes.

Let it cool then it is ready to serve.


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