Our Spaghetti

I’ve got 250 g beef in my fridge and my son asks for spaghetti for his lunch. I wonder what sauce will be as I’d like something different from the tomato sauce I often make. Here’s the dish, the one that people know as black pepper spaghetti, but I call it Yakiniku Spaghetti – a recipe inspired from a Japanese restaurant we visited yesterday. IMG_20141219_113006 First, make a sauce of grated ginger, garlic, black pepper, salt and sweet soya bean sauce, sesame oil and 2 tsp water. Slice a bell pepper and onion, set aside. Thin slice the beef. Mix 1 tsp corn starch and water. Simmer a half of the sliced onion until it looks translucent. Put the beef and let it cook for about one minute. Pour the sauce into the beef and one glass of water and put some salt and sugar to taste. Add the corn starch mixture, stir and let it boil. The last, put the sliced bell pepper and the rest of the onion. My Yakiniku is ready for the spaghetti.


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