K goes to Snow World 2014

After we told him stories, watched Masha and the Bear, Frozen, and some videos showing some trains swept snow , K was very excited when I told him that we would go to Snow World. I immediately searched all information about it.

We left at about two p.m. because there were still some construction workers doing the last painting. K was a little upset and kept whining of going. However, on our way he fell into deep sleep until we arrived there at the time when the Ashar Adzan called.

After praying we went to the site and bought the tickets: one sixty thousand for K and two 70 thousand for us. At the entrance I was glad there was no long queue. But, when we got inside many people had been in a long line. They were waiting for the jackets they had provided. I was close to the back door and could feel the cold breeze swept  from inside when it was opened and some people left the building.

It took us almost a half of an hour waiting for our turn and got the jackets. Inside, it was really cold as we were welcomed by many ice statues on our right and left. I thought we would stepped on thick snow on the floor and then it would be white every where. K himself was so surprised to see the gloomy room. He started to worry and did not want to get off my husband’s arms.  The loud noise from  diesel machine bothered him very much. He asked to get out of the place. I myself wondered where the snow was. I and maybe he thought that we would see snow like on the cartoon movies or video we had watched. We could touch it and made a snow man. It turned out that we were at the night time of the winter.

K started to cry. It’s not only the dim room, the noise but also the cold which maybe scared him. We persuaded K  to stay longer by showing him the statues and told him stories. We went further immediately and found out that it was even dimmer, colder and also foggy. Well, here’s the snow. Not the thick snow flake we had expected.

We had to get out of the place, though, as K could not stand anymore and we did not want to traumatize him. Outside, we told him and also ourselves 🙂 that we could not expect the real, thick, sandy snow flake here in Jakarta but at least we could feel how cold it was in Winter. Sort of.

“One day, Za. You will know what it is like.”

For those interested in Snow World Indonesia, visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dunia-Salju-Snow-World-International/147590991919261


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