My wildest dream

How many have I written my dreams? Really really write them? Only one! All my dreams are mostly kept in my mind, except the one I put in a special folder in our computer.

“To be an international writer”

That’s my dream. Is this my wildest dream? Yeah, I would say so. Do you know what I felt when I wrote those words? It felt out of reach, far away. Impossible? I would prevent myself to write impossible things. When I wrote it It was like a challenge to myself to the farthest to reach the one that I wildly wanted.

I imagine myself sitting on a garden bench holding my tablet drafting something while my son’s playing on the green grass. At another moment I am discussing my translation with an editor late at night as we live in different time zone at the same time that my husband is next to me working on his computer doing his moonlighting. Or … or … I am attending an international conference and I am listed as one of the presenters.

Well, dreams will only be dreams If  I only put them on my notes then feel relieved but do nothing about it. So, do daily writing, join a club like BEC, get involved in a writing discussion, attend a free online course, dare to submit one or more writings without being afraid of failures or being criticized are some steps to reach the dream. One small step at a time is for another bigger one for sure.

“Go confidently in the directions of your dream. Live the life that you have imagined.” (Henry David Thoreau)


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