What is BEC for me?

I knew this club when I happened to see one post from a blog I follow bukanbocahbiasa.wordpress.com. It was the first time this club was founded and she wrote something about ‘one word for 2015’ – the first Friday writing challenge for the members.

It crossed my mind: I often write in English in my blog … why did not I join the club. Off I went to the site and without further consideration I immediately joined.

So far, since I have completed only one challenge, BEC is a place where I push my self to write something, post and share it to other members on Fridays.  I missed the first challenge, succeeded in finishing the second but sadly I still haven’t finished my third and fourth. I hope that’s  OK, mas Dani  … 😉 I’ve still got a problem with my time management so I missed so many challenges. However, I promise my self to finish them.

Beside making myself write in English, it connects me to enthusiastic persons who eagerly want to improve their English.  I thought to myself that by being in this group I hoped I would be as spirited as them. A Whatsup group is even formed to discuss the grammar points or things related to writing. This is really helpful but I am  sorry that I still cannot be active in it. I am still a silent reader who delightfully follow the discussion from great mentors, teachers, and all active members.

I do not have much to say about what it should be but one thing is that it will be big and many great writers join this club so that we can learn a lot from them. We can be like them and give our contribution for the improvement of our English.

O … I should thank to all mentors and admins who willingly spare their time for us. I hope someday I have mine to do something for the club.

EF#5 from Blog English Club.

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