Tofu and hot soy bean sauce

It has been my company since I was a kid. It was always squares, yellow or white. But now, people invent some round ones. After being fried I’ll see the hazy steam coming out of it when I crack it down and when I put it on my mouth, the softness touches my palate and the juice comes out as my teeth crush some parts of it . Then, I’ll usually be busy as it heats my tongue.

Two days ago, around five P.M. I was hungry and so were my hubby and son and when I am hungry there are usually a lot of culinary lists milling about my head. I wondered of going outside or having a delivery for our dinner. ‘Ow, fried rice would be nice … hmmm but no ….. it’s too heavy for us. Or maybe pizza! That would quench my son’t curiosity of biting a little of it as an ads on tv has given him a great influence to ask me for some. But, no … it’s not our schedule to have it. Nasi uduk, Ketoprak malam? Too bad, no delivery for them. Then, what?

Lazily (it’s all about my laziness, actually) I went into the kitchen and towards the fridge. Slowly I open it and there were some yellow squares dipped in water in a small container, tofu. Aha, this idea crossed my mind.

Then I immediately prepared a wok, pour some cooking oil, and turned on the stove. While waiting for it to be ready for frying the tofu I warmed the rice, took out some hot chilies, crushed them, then sliced a tomato and put them in a small bowl. I squeezed the soy bean bottle and saw the sweet black liquid coming out of it.

It took only 15 minutes to prepare all of it and our dinner was ready. As we were hungry anything would be fine just like this simple fried tofu and the hot soy bean sauce. My son and my hubby preferred to have a plain dinner: the warm rice and hot tofu. I finished mine with crushing it together with the hot sauce.

Easy and less time to prepare, and very cheap. And our (mine) hungry mind melted away as my stomach was full of the simple, delicious, light dinner we had that night.

Late submission for 10th EF challenge.


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