Finally, he jumped into the water (a process of building K’s self-confidence)

What a great day it was when K was finally willing to plunge into the blue water. You see that it’d been an effort to persuade him to really feel the water as so far he just sat on the brink of the pool and splashed the water, or played as a snail 😀 dragging himself here and there on the first step. I had no idea what prevented him to jump and play like other kids. He’s a kind a very watchful one who needs extra time to experience something he’s not familiar with. So, maybe things like slipperiness, the water, and the feeling of being in the water itself made him stay away from it.

But when I made him enjoy the water until he did not want to stop, I felt very excited. I’d been waiting for this for long, persuading, accompanying and breaking his doubt and diffidence. I took him and let him walk and tell him that it was harmful. Once, twice, three, four … times, then he held my hand and asked me to walk and went around with him.  And that day he couldn’t be stopped. He explored everything: he tasted it, felt it, and was a little bit choked by it 🙂

This is the essence of our homeschooling process actually where self-confidence is gained without pressure, both inside and outside. I kept my ears shut from what people say about him when I saw many kids at his age plunged into the water without hesitance. I would not tell a thing that discouraged and frightened him. I believed that when he was ready he would be like others or he could be even more. And I would counter those who said things about or to him and assured him that it was o.k.

“When you are ready, K I’m here for you.”


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