Having fun with Iqra

Learning Iqra is one of Kanza’s daily activities in the five-minute-program that we have agreed together. We do it before or after maghrib, or anytime he likes.

One challenge that we encounter is that how to make it an interesting activity that he enjoys doing. So I have tried some ways to keep it as fun as possible.

Here are things we have been doing so far. He is in Iqra 3 and the things are still going on.

1. Learning through songs.

This was very effective when I introduced him to the very basic alphabets of Arabic. I downloaded some easy listening songs. Sometimes I just played it and he listened or he asked me to play one of them. This is more fun than just merely put the alphabets on the wall and this really adds the joyfulness.

2. Reading aloud together.

Alhamdulillah in his five he has memorized many short surahs. I know that he has not has not been able to read. He just memorizes them. But I often ask him to read together. I open one surah he has already known and read them together. While doing it I am also showing him the ayat by pointing my finger to each letter or word. I let him see and listen.

3. Writing

We never forget to collect markers, color pens or pencils, crayons when dealing with the writing or just a board and the board marker. One at a time while learning a short surah he is writing them and discuss what it is about.

3. Game

Another choice that I give him is whether he wants to play a game. We open the Iqra book, I mention a word and he will tell me which one it is.  We do it in turns. Or else, I make cards containing words that he will learn and spread them. The cards are put upside down. I will close my eyes and he will pick one of the cards and read aloud the word written on it. Then, I have to find the card.






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