Building a train, building our characters

This was what we watched this morning: a video review of the Lego Creator Maersk Train 10219. This Lego type was designed to imitate the Maersk train which features amazing details and consists of two wagons and a container. My son was stunned by it and without notice, he run immediately into the bedroom and fetched his Lego box. While handing it he said, ‘Let’s make it, Bun (mom). I want it. It’s cool.”

I halted when I was still watching.  I told him that we could make it but we lacked many items. ‘Lot’s and lots of them we don’t have.’ I said.  Even if we succeeded we wouldn’t have exactly the same train.

His face beamed with confidence and he said that it was okay not to have the same items as we could replace them with the ones available. He kept asking me to make it and even tried to make it himself by following the tutorial from video, which was difficult.

Then I downloaded a step by step  tutorial from Lego website. We strove to find the replacement, trying the best way to make the same. He counted it, fitted it, and disassembled the ones which he thought were not suitable.

He was rather upset when we stopped  for a while because I had to do something else. He was also tired and took his nap with his unfinished train. We continued after he woke up. There was the time when it broke as it fell so we had to put them together. Fortunately, he did not give in.  We keep reminding ourselves that there is always time to build and rebuild while finding away to fix it instead of being restless and angry. Finally, we made our version of the Maersk Train. He cut a label and got me write the name of train and the stars and attached them on it. It was far from perfect for me but it really satisfied him.

In the process of building this train there were lots of things we learned together, especially me. I was not sure at the beginning whether we could finish it. There were things we did not have. However, he was so optimistic that there were the replacement. So, I did not have the heart put down the flame and the spirit. There were also times when we argued due to our impatience. I tried hard not to explode because  he whined a lot or got irritated and yelled as it took very much time to find the items or to finish it.  When I was about to and I started to raise my voice he reminded me to be calm and not to yell, the same things I said to him when he was annoyed and started to shout.

Amid the hardship, we laughed together over trivial things and through the process, we were building our characters together. How couldn’t I be persevered when he was, pessimistic when he was otherwise and cease when he strove to the end. I remembered what Aldort said  ‘Raising children raising ourselves.’

He learned what I learned from him. 🙂







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