Experiment 1: The floating eggs

Hello guys. This is another thing that we do in our daily homeschooling: doing simple experiments.

To do this, I usually propose ideas of what he wants to play first. Then, after searching kinds of fun activities we can do at home I come up to this idea. So, about a week ago, after talking about it and showing him a website, the lists of experiments he could see and choose and gave some explanation about them he preferred to try the floating eggs for our first experiment. Was it the first? Well, maybe. The first he was aware of doing.

Since the steps and the instructions are available, we just prepare things we need. If you want to find out more about it you can visit this web www.sciencekids.co.nz to go through many simple experiments you can do at home with your loved ones.

The Floating Eggs

This experiment is to know why under certain circumstances the eggs can float and under others they cannot.

He came up to the conclusion that in salted water eggs can float but in normal water they cannot. When I recalled him that the water on the beach we visited two weeks ago was salted he would try one day to bring some eggs and see what happened.

Two conditions: normal and salted water.


Wait for a second and watched. In salted water the eggs gradually  float. But, interestingly enough there is one which does not. Why? 😀





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