Our pancake

This simple recipe was from one of my friends when I met her during the river tracking months ago. Sweetness and creaminess were smelled when the kids opened their lunch box.

They offered us and Kanza loved it that if I was not mistaken he almost devoured two. So, this evening when he craved and wiped his tummy while saying, ‘I wanna snack and I wanna pancake,’ I immediately remembered the pancake that we had months ago. I opened my file and found the recipe that she had given.


So, here are the ingredients:

150 gr any purpose flour

150  ml fresh milk

50 g butter, melted

50 g sugar (optional)

2 eggs

50 ml milk powder

a pinch of salt

10 g baking powder


Put flour, baking and milk powder together in a bowl then set aside.

Next, mix sugar and eggs  (you can use a fork or a mixer), put the salt then pour the milk.

After that, put the dry ingredient into the mixture, stir a minute and pour the melted butter.

Heat a pan and scoop the batter onto it. Let it brown on both sides then serve hot.

We did not give  honey syrup or ice cream, fruit but if you do it will surely give the best taste. Shapes will also be interesting. He’s probably so hungry that he said,’ Hmmm, I love your cooking, Bunda. (Mom)’





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