Tuna Spread

Alhamdulillah …

with a quarter kilo of tuna, Thousand Island salad dressing, onion sprinkles, green pepper, this morning tuna spread has made a yummy, delicious sandwich for my hubbynson’ breakfast.

Here’s how to make it:

Rinse tuna using lemon to reduce the fishy smell then steam for about 25 minutes. Crush it so it will look like this. Immediately add onion sprinkles and stir while the tuna is still hot.


Put some salad dressing as you like. I use Thousand Island salad dressing for the spread.


Add canned sweet corn or you can use steamed kernel corn. You can also put sliced green and red pepper.



Spread on the bread and it’s ready to serve.


Nomnom 🙂

This is my 90-day-challenge to provide healthy, homey, yummy food for my family.


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